Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beautiful Women more Tempramental

Women who feel beautiful, interesting and attractive reported more ill-tempered and love to compete. Researchers suspect that kind of women too expected more so when expectations are not met they will marah. Researcher from the University of California conducted a survey of 156 women to determine the nature of temperament and how they cope tersebut.Hasil attitude survey published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that women who feel themselves attractive, beautiful and interesting looking angry faster than women who are not confident with her appearance. They also felt more deserving what they get high want.

More beauty and more attractice level, the higher the number that indicates the nature of hair also turned out her anger.

Influential Color. Blond women reported more attractive than brown-haired girls or red. That means more blond temperamental. But Dr. Aaron Sell, one of the researchers of this study say that the relationship between beauty and nature of factors still strong temperamental because they have not studied in a clear and thorough. "This is a small study with limited sample size, so can only general conclusion like that, "says Ingrid Collins of the London Medical Center was quoted as saying by the BBC, Tuesday (19/1/2010). Even so, Dr. Sell sure that it is a basic evolutionary related to hereditary factors.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Why Urine smell?

Every day people have to spend many substances that are not needed by the body through sweat or urine. But sometimes causing urine odor issued no odor. What causes urine to smell?

There are many possibilities of the cause urine to smell like a problem in the urinary tract or bladder infection. In addition, the smell of urine that contains leaven (yeast) can be an indication of the diagnosis of diabetes.

Things to know is whether the odor is coming from urine or vagina. An easy way to determine this is to pee in a cup or glass and wait a few minutes. If the odor is still detected, most likely associated with urine.

"Most of the smell of urine is only temporary and does not indicate health problems. But if this continues for several days, should make checks to the doctor to find out the cause," said Dr. Rob Danoff, as quoted from MSN, Friday (15 / 1 / 2010).

To make a diagnosis, the patient must undergo several tests to determine the function of some organs or the presence or absence of certain substances.

Tests are usually conducted to examine the bladder or urinary tract infection, kidney disease, dehydration, diabetes or metabolic disorders such as phenylketonuria.

Signs to examine the urine:

The amount of water in the urine.
Know the specific gravity test. These tests provide clues about the amount of water in the urine and the status of that person whether or not dehydrated.

Urine color.
Colors in the urine is influenced by food, food coloring, hydration, medications, vitamins and the presence of a disease such as liver disease or bleeding disorders.

Ketidakjernihan urine can indicate the existence of blood, mucus, crystals from kidney stones or bladder and bacteria.

Should be in the urine did not find any urine, if found may indicate a disturbance in the kidney or pregnancy.

The presence of ketones in the urine as described in the body fat for energy. The presence of ketones is shown as being fast, high-protein diet, low carb and alcohol consumption. In extreme conditions, ketones can be potentially dangerous, known as diabetic ketoacidosis (the body get energy from fat because it can not change glucose into energy).

PH values.
This is to see if urine is acidic or alkaline.

The presence of glucose in the urine can be caused by high levels of sugar such as uncontrolled diabetes or due to disturbances in the kidney.

Indicate a bacterial infection in the urinary tract.

Leukocyte esterase.
Indicates a cell-white blood cells in urine that may result in urinary tract infections.

Check microscopic analysis.
This test is to see various signs such as red (indicating bleeding, no disease, tumors or injury), white blood cells (autoimmune disorders, inflammation), bacteria, fungi, parasites, crystal (disorders of the kidney) and squamous cells (urine sample likely already contaminated when collected).

Based on the results of this examination, the doctor can usually determine what the cause of the smell of urine that appears when urinating.

Stroke Risk for Husband while Wife At Hospital

Husband more risky than the wife got stressed when I have to take care of a sick spouse or can not afford. This is because the husband was not prepared and not accustomed to caring for someone.

William E Halley, a professor of psychology at the University of South Florida, Tampa surveyed 767 people who are caring for a sick spouse or in a condition incapable of doing anything.

The most stress couples at risk of stroke supreme. Participants were asked how long the week they felt depressed, sad or cry over the situation.

Other factors such as age, high blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking habit or diabetes has been calculated in this study.

The results show, the husband of stress faster and 23 percent higher than the wife got stress. Stress is a risk of stroke 26.9 percent to over 10 years.

"Women are more prepared and used to treat a person than men, so that got less stress," Haley said as reported by HealthDay, Saturday (15/1/2010).

Risk of stress experienced by the husband could gradually develop into a stroke, usually 2 years after experiencing stress.

If it so, risk of other diseases more fatal could arise due to a survey conducted by researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, stroke patients typically stop taking drugs before completely healed.

This is supported by the Swedish researchers said, only three-quarters of stroke patients are still taking medication to prevent a new stroke.

As many as 26 percent stopped taking medication for high blood, 44 percent stopped taking statins (cholesterol drugs) and 36 percent quit heart medication.

"Many patients feel no longer need medication because they feel a little better or cured. But the doctor also to blame for not forcing or giving patient education about the importance of taking medication regularly and continuously until completely recovered," said Dr Bruce Ovbiagele, director UCLA stroke prevention programs.

Eating Junk Food Make Stress and Depression

Most food is quite delicious unhealthy foods, such as the junk food. Food is synonymous with high-fat, sweets and little is now known that nutrition is one of the causes of stress and depression.

A recent study published in The British Journal of Psychiatry says that eating junk food will make someone depressed. Epidemiological experts analyze English and French food and the mood of 3486 male and female participants.

Each participant was asked to fill out a questionnaire that asked how often they eat certain kinds of food during the last few years. Food category consists of two types, namely natural food categories (fruits, vegetables, fish, and others) and katergori processed foods (chocolate, sweet foods and full of sugar, fried foods, and other processed meats).

Five years later, participants were given another questionnaire to determine levels of depression and symptoms associated with stress. Some variables such as age, gender, and other lifestyle habits such as smoking or physical activity was calculated.

"The results we found is, there is a close relationship between the types of food with symptoms of depression. Participants who frequently eat processed foods or junk foods tend to have symptoms of stress and depression than participants who ate natural foods," said Tasnime Akbaraly, a researcher was quoted as saying from Newyorkdalynews, Sunday (17/1/2010).

Apart from all the other health factors such as smoking, exercise or weight person, junk food or processed foods proven to do with symptoms of depression. Therefore, if someone wants to avoid the symptoms of depression or other mood bad, you should not try to eat these foods.

"What happened today is the opposite. When someone is in a bad mood or a problem, it tends to consume all foods delicious. And most of the food was delicious fatty foods, sweets and high bersodium foods junk food, "said Akbaraly from the National Institute of Health and Medical Research, Montpellier, France.

By reducing consumption of processed meats, foods, fried foods, sweets and high fat, guaranteed to decrease the risk of depression. Conversely, perbanyaklah eat fruits and vegetables each day.

"Make sure that vegetables and fruits into the diet daily, and feel the difference in perceived mood than when eating junk food," said Akbaraly.