Monday, January 18, 2010

Stroke Risk for Husband while Wife At Hospital

Husband more risky than the wife got stressed when I have to take care of a sick spouse or can not afford. This is because the husband was not prepared and not accustomed to caring for someone.

William E Halley, a professor of psychology at the University of South Florida, Tampa surveyed 767 people who are caring for a sick spouse or in a condition incapable of doing anything.

The most stress couples at risk of stroke supreme. Participants were asked how long the week they felt depressed, sad or cry over the situation.

Other factors such as age, high blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking habit or diabetes has been calculated in this study.

The results show, the husband of stress faster and 23 percent higher than the wife got stress. Stress is a risk of stroke 26.9 percent to over 10 years.

"Women are more prepared and used to treat a person than men, so that got less stress," Haley said as reported by HealthDay, Saturday (15/1/2010).

Risk of stress experienced by the husband could gradually develop into a stroke, usually 2 years after experiencing stress.

If it so, risk of other diseases more fatal could arise due to a survey conducted by researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, stroke patients typically stop taking drugs before completely healed.

This is supported by the Swedish researchers said, only three-quarters of stroke patients are still taking medication to prevent a new stroke.

As many as 26 percent stopped taking medication for high blood, 44 percent stopped taking statins (cholesterol drugs) and 36 percent quit heart medication.

"Many patients feel no longer need medication because they feel a little better or cured. But the doctor also to blame for not forcing or giving patient education about the importance of taking medication regularly and continuously until completely recovered," said Dr Bruce Ovbiagele, director UCLA stroke prevention programs.

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