Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beautiful Women more Tempramental

Women who feel beautiful, interesting and attractive reported more ill-tempered and love to compete. Researchers suspect that kind of women too expected more so when expectations are not met they will marah. Researcher from the University of California conducted a survey of 156 women to determine the nature of temperament and how they cope tersebut.Hasil attitude survey published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that women who feel themselves attractive, beautiful and interesting looking angry faster than women who are not confident with her appearance. They also felt more deserving what they get high want.

More beauty and more attractice level, the higher the number that indicates the nature of hair also turned out her anger.

Influential Color. Blond women reported more attractive than brown-haired girls or red. That means more blond temperamental. But Dr. Aaron Sell, one of the researchers of this study say that the relationship between beauty and nature of factors still strong temperamental because they have not studied in a clear and thorough. "This is a small study with limited sample size, so can only general conclusion like that, "says Ingrid Collins of the London Medical Center was quoted as saying by the BBC, Tuesday (19/1/2010). Even so, Dr. Sell sure that it is a basic evolutionary related to hereditary factors.

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